SMA is Growing! SMA has merged with HOME inc

SMA, a private association, has now merged with the long-running non-profit group HOME, Inc. 

For decades HOME has been a leader in delivering high-impact, successful media programs for youth and ELL students in many school systems, including partnerships with many schools in the Boston Public School System, and educational partnerships with community centers and cable systems across the state. A new combined Board of Directors is in the process of transition and welcomes your input and comments as we develop our membership based non-profit group.


Please plan to join us at the HOME/SMA Interim Board Meeting on January 9, 2019 at 5 PM – Waltham Library, Waltham Mass.   

For info please contact the new HOME/SMA Board of Directors:

Steve Scott, Interim President of the Board, HOME/SMA 

Jan Haughey, SMA President and Founder

Alan Michel, HOME, Inc. President and Founder

Mark Kelsey, Interim Executive Director