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Media Ed Conferences For K-12 & College Educators, PEG Access, Training

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* 2020 Annual Spring Digital Media Arts & Education Conference

Seeking Perspectives, Challenges, Promises and Careers in the Era of 24/7 Media, Fake News and Too Much Information: A Conference to Explore Media  Arts, Technology & Digital Education for Lifelong Learning

Location & Date TBA

* 2020 Annual Fall Digital Media Arts & Education Conference

The Scholastic Media Association /HOME is seeking proposals for our upcoming Media Education Conferences. We invite you to partner with us to bring superior quality conference education to our members by submitting proposals which build core skills, share best practices and innovations, and lead the way in educational and industry trends. Your proposal should reassure the SMA Program Committee that each breakout session you deliver will provide attendees with takeaways that are immediately useful. This will be the primary focus of the Program Committee. Thank you for submitting proposals that are learner-focused and ensure each program is a learning experience with application to the participant’s work.

Location & Date TBA

Contact us now!  Email Mark Kelsey, HOME/SMA ED.